Friday, March 18, 2016

Unlabeled by Ella

I wonder if I can show that your religion or race never matters,
even though all the kids talk about it in the school lunchrooms.
The world needs changing,
I can be the one to do it.

I can pretend to be Carl, the handy dandy plumber “fix it” man.
But know that if you get in the way of me trying to help unclog the world’s toilet,
that you will get splashed with toilet water
and it will rain unto the mass of metal and glass that the human race has put on this Earth.
In fact, Carl is a stereotype.
Every word that has a definition is a stereotype.
I will not settle for cat lover,  I am more than a cat-lover.
I like poetry and writing, acting, singing and dancing…

I am more. I have Vulnerability and actions,
I live a life beyond a definition or description/

No fate, I will not relax into your cushions.
I refuse to have a definition.
The only term I will accept to define me is alive.
Because I am not just a human being.  I am not just a catlover.

I cry, but there is no definition for who I am
I cannot be written down on a piece of paper
Like some dude said millions of years ago,
I can be whatever the hell I want to be.

Yes, I said hell. But as I said, I will not accept its definition.
Don’t you think it will be offended?
It’s just a stereotype to a stereotype.
You are giving it the wrong definition.

I am not supposed to be called “Ella”
My name is a label, it gives no clue to who I am.
You may call me adventurer, protagonist,
But it is only part of this.

If this poem wants to be, it can call itself art.
But art is just a placeholder for all it can be

Like my father always said,
“You can be smart, or pretty, or talented.
But if you want to actually succeed in life,
You can get your butt off of the floor and try
To do something with it.”

So stand up to labels. The only things you can put
Labels on are the people who force those
Labels to be true.

Yes, you may be offended.
Yes, you may disagree.

But I refuse to take on any other definition than alive.

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  1. I like it, Ella. :) I like the humor :) Thanks for sharing!