Saturday, December 12, 2015

In response to "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" -- By Aliya Martinson

Do I dare disturb the universe?
With the stars
like fingerprints
spreading out against the
dust filled asphalt
A reflection of all of the messes
we have made together,
you and I
And now,
will you come with me and observe?
The window-lit restaurants and
let me lift and drop my questions into the
coffee splattered pages of your palms
Do I dare?
As there will be time and
time again to revisit the
melting, curved faces
of clocks
that measure all of their seconds in
drawn-out, dirty coffee spoons
And will you come with me?
As witness to the fog
Arching it's back against the window panes
In the dusty part of the night
watching the aftermath of the evening
sleep so peacefully
...walking down the god-lit stairwell
into the subway
into the flickers of eyelashes
That are only trying to communicate
I do not think they will sing for me
And after all, will it be worth it?
After the stars have settled
and the walls have fallen asleep for the first time in years
will it be worth it?
If you follow
and I turn to you and say
"No, that is not what I meant at all."


  1. Yay! A wonderful, deft response to T.S. Elliot's poem! A beautiful & skillful homage.

  2. This one is better than the original inspiration. She brings us right into the "conversation" and leaves us wondering "what's next. "