Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Boy --by Haley

A boy trapped
under the burdens of life
only able to  look up
never moving
the more he moves
the more it hurts
gray branches
each one
symbolizing a different
part of his young life
One for his crumbling friendships
one for his broken dysfunctional family
one for guilt
for lost
shattered dreams
he sees no way of recovering
no future
never given the opportunity to shine
always put down
never smart enough for teachers
a wasted case
no future
learning that the only way to get along in this world
is to have friends any way possible
even if that means drugs and alcohol
no matter if it feels right or wrong
he was trapped
then one day he was able to move
he got up and left his world behind him
there started to hope
a future
people soon respected him
he was changing
became stronger
learned to love himself
foregave those who had hurt him

1 comment:

  1. I've always loved this poem! Thank you for sharing it Haley! It is such a wonderful observation of the subject's inner life.